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Saltwater Flats - photographs and poems, a personal journey

"Powerful and very personal images of contemporary America."  -  New York Times Book Review

paper, 64 pages, ISBN  915090-00-7, $21


Children of the Western Woods, growing up in a nature preserve, a romance of the redwoods and a story-portrait of a two room school-house.

"Elihu is a magician with the camera" - Elena Menge

paper, 84 pages, ISBN   0-915090-16-3, $12.50


A photo-story, in 250 words and 60 photographs, introducing and defining the Glimmins: woods-children in search of themselves, spirited rascals looking up. The definition evolves with the book. At first a Glimmin is a boy who can cross his eyes. Soon it’s the demon of personality in all children.

paper, 64 pages, ISBN  0-915090-18-X, $12.50


Free For All - the reds, the whites and the blues

"A satire/celebration of the American craze for painting the Colors of the flag all over the landscape" - Ken Wlaschin, director, London Film Festival, 1997

paper, 64 pages, ISBN  0-915090--02-3, $12.95

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