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Don't Drink the Eye Drops, Dream Rider        ISBN: 0915090-06-6 - hardcover

"jolting...a swift quirky tale" - Publishers Weekly         

A procedural romance: son of a famous photographer, Aaron Rhyder leads a failed life in the shadows, until a sudden strange fogging in his sight sends him to Dr. Alisa Grey, who lovingly injects visions into his eye with a platinum needle. A classic in the medicine of vision, in the tradition of Kafka and Poe.

The Last Living Master            ISBN: 9781939434104 - hardcover

forthcoming: November 2016
An ageless photographer, unique in his field, confronts himself, his art, and his timelessness.

On the Crest of Time            ISBN: 0915090-19-8 - hardcover

"coy, mysterious, sexy...a collusion of photographs and story" - Booklist
Andre Optic meets Sara Berlin: a historical romance, ca. 1990

The Ghost of Teec Nos Pos       ISBN: 9780915090082 - hardcover - July 2010

"extraordinary" Rust Hills
"Pristmatic eloquence" Kathryn Delappe        

A mystery in which the criminal is also the victim.
A portrait of a photographer.
A strange romance.

Elihu Blotnick, writing under varying obvious pseudonyms, is the author of the books on this page.

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