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Don't Drink the Eye Drops, Dream Rider        ISBN: 0915090-06-6 - hardcover

"jolting...a swift quirky tale" - Publishers Weekly         

A procedural romance: son of a famous photographer, Aaron Rhyder leads a failed life in the shadows, until a sudden strange fogging in his sight sends him to Dr. Alisa Grey, who lovingly injects visions into his eye with a platinum needle. A classic in the medicine of vision, in the tradition of Kafka and Poe.

The Last Living Master            ISBN: 9781939434104 - hardcover
An ageless photographer, unique in his field, confronts himself, his art, and his timelessness. A tour de force, the story involves a cross-country trip with a platinum photographic printer and his digitally-minded son, as they challenge each other in art and authority across time zones. The love life of the characters gives an extra dimension to the story, in their attempt to redefine family.

On the Crest of Time            ISBN: 0915090-19-8 - hardcover

"coy, mysterious, sexy...a collusion of photographs and story" - Booklist
Andre Optic meets Sara Berlin: a historical romance, ca. 1990

Wet Paint            ISBN: 978-1-939434-51-7 - hardcover

A White House photographer and his NASA wife plot future sentient life with the help of special relatives and neighbors. Among the Washington elite are successful career professionals, who, failing in their dreams, seek to swing the pendulum skyward, knowing it is their moment to save the future. At the same time, family itself is a colorful and ever-changing canvas that tells its own story.

The Ghost of Teec Nos Pos       ISBN: 9780915090082 - hardcover - July 2010

"extraordinary" Rust Hills
"Pristmatic eloquence" Kathryn Delappe        

A mystery in which the criminal is also the victim.
A portrait of a photographer.
A strange romance.

Elihu Blotnick, writing under varying pseudonyms, or not, is the author of the books on this page.

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